Happy Lughnasadh! Wanna Learn How to Celebrate That?

With Lughnasadh coming up this weekend, I thought I’d take a moment to mention this Pagan sabbat and teach you how to properly celebrate it. This second to the last of the eight sabbats, Lughnasadh is the first of three harvest festivals signifying the arrival of that season and ushering in its most bountiful time of year. It is […]

Want to Invoke the Past? Then Hire a Recognitor

Last week, as part of my series on psychic abilities I discussed the precognitor. This is the type of psychic with the ability to predict possible future events. And I talked a bit about how that ability does and doesn’t work and how unreliable those predictions can often be. This week, I thought I’d write […]

You Might Already Celebrate These Eight Pagan Sabbats

Even if you consider yourself to not be involved with Paganism, you’re probably already celebrating a couple of Pagan Sabbats and are not even aware of it. Ever check to see if the Groundhog saw his shadow? Do you take your kids trick or treating? Are you someone’s secret Santa at work? Many of the […]

Avoiding Psychic Scams, Cold Readings & Curse Cons

Psychic Cons

A question I constantly receive when folks first find out that I’m employed as a psychic is how to tell the difference between those who wield actual psychic power and others with no such ability whatsoever who are simply masquerading as a clairvoyants in an attempt to perpetrate common psychic scams. The answer is pretty simple and […]

The Psychic Twins: Meet Terry and Linda Jamison

Two Minds Collide

Terry and Linda Jamison are a pair of identical twin sisters who go by the moniker The Psychic Twins and are self-described as the world’s most documented psychics. They also claim to be the world only proven set of identical twin psychics. They make regular radio and television appearances and have issued hundreds of startling […]

Can a Precognitor Really Predict Your Future?

Type of Clairvoyance

A precognitor is a person with a particular type of clairvoyance who possesses the ability to look into the future and describe potential outcomes as defined by their current realities. While they are often mistaken for fortune tellers, precognitors share very little in common with those that gaze at crystal balls, consult tarot decks or […]

Is Scientology’s Suppressive Person a Psychic Vampire?

Psychic Vampires

I recently watched the HBO documentary Going Clear and I thought that it was thoroughly fantastic. While I’m not really into Scientology myself, I found it amazingly interesting how L. Ron Hubbard borrowed concepts from his own science fiction serial pulp writings to form the basis for his very own religion. Talk about recycling a […]

Is Levitation Real or Just Television Magic?


In my professional work as a psychic, I often get asked a question or two from people that I encounter concerning levitation. Specifically, they usually want to know one of two things. Is levitation real? And, if so, how do you go about levitating yourself or some object? Most have experienced levitation on television programs […]

Real Magical Items and the Power They Contain

This is a real magic item

I was really disappointed last year when Warehouse 13 went off the air after its six year run on cable television’s Syfy channel. This was mystic drama at its best not only because it dealt with real magical items but because it also exposed the concept of enchanted articles to the public at large. Now of course the […]

How to Use a Spell to Make Him Dream of You

Dream Spell

Do you have a serious crush on a man that barely even knows that you exist? Do you feel your life could vastly improve if you could just land this guy to be your brand new beau? If only there was some way to make him notice you because trying to get a man’s attention can be pretty damn […]