Preparing for and Celebrating the Sabbat of Mabon

With the autumnal equinox quickly approaching September 21st, I thought I’d take a second today to give you the lowdown on the upcoming Pagan Sabbat called Mabon that occurs on the very same day. It is the second of the three harvest festivals that make up the end of the Wheel of the Year. It occurs on the autumnal […]

Cast a Spell to Get a Job and Hire Yourself

Hire Yourself

No spell is going to get you a job interview. That of course you must do for yourself. But if you want to insure that an interview goes well, I suggest you use a simple employment spell to aid you on your course. When seeking gainful employment, you should use everything in your power to land […]

The Pet Psychic: Psychic of the Month

Pet Psychic

Our psychic of the month for August is Sonya Fitzpatrick. You may already be familiar with Mrs. Fitzpatrick as she was the star of the Animal Planet television show the Pet Psychic. Her experience with reality TV was a harsh one as her small screen fame was somewhat short lived. The program only aired for two seasons in 2002-2003 […]

Getting Pregnant with the Help of Fertility Spells

Fertility Spell

If you and your partner are trying to have your first baby, you should do everything in your power to increase your chances. Many find it easy to conceive but this is not always the case for all couples. In fact some try everything from undergoing expensive infertility treatments to adding fertility herbs to their diets. […]

Performing a House Cleansing Ritual to Repel Evil Spirits

House Cleansing Ritual

Anytime you buy a house or move into a new apartment, you might want to consider performing a house cleansing ritual especially if you feel your residence could be occupied by a ghost, spirit or any other form of negative energy. No, it won’t remove a pesky mother in law encamped inside your guest room, but it […]

Are Free Tarot Card Readings Online Always Accurate?

Tarot Card

Free Tarot card readings are easy to find online but are they always accurate? Tarot sites are not just numerous, there’s literally thousands of them to choose from here online. How they go about divining their predictions can vary wildly. In fact, some offer advice which is completely worthless due to the faint tie they hold […]

Astrology Signs and Dates: Which One Are You?

Signs and Dates

Astrology signs and dates are pretty simple to understand although the idea of an astrological calendar has changed quite a bit since it was first created around 3000 BC. The zodiac also follows the solar year which is 365 and 1/4 days in length so the dates of astrological signs used to float against various calendars that were […]

Queen of Wands: Tarot Card of the Week

Tarot Card

This week our Tarot card is the Queen of Wands. When drawn, she usually represents a woman of great authority in our lives, like a family matriarch or powerful female supervisor at work. She does not always depict a woman and can also stand for anything of great significance to us like our job or an organization […]

Using Good Luck Chants to Express the Power of Voice

Good Luck Chants

For almost my entire life, I have practiced the use of good luck chants to steer my way through the turbulent waters of life. When visualizing the future that I want for myself, I often invoke the power of luck. Back in June, I wrote about how you can live a charmed life of luck in […]